One to One Qur’an classes for kids and adults

An-Nidaa Academy offers a one to one Qur’an learning course for those who wish to learn to read and recite the Holy Qur’an. This is a very beneficial course as it is necessary for Muslims to be able to recite the Qur’an without changing the meanings by making mistakes in recitation. The course is available in three different levels according to the students current ability.

Beginner Level

In Beginner level students will understand to begin recognising the Arabic alphabets, join letters into words through spelling and read sentences. This is crucial to reciting Qur’an as many people recite wrongly due to lack of recognition of Arabic alphabets.

Intermediate Level

In intermediate level, after passing beginner level, students will read Juzz 30 from Chapter An-Naas to Chapter An-Naba-i with minimum need for spelling the Arabic words. Students will also by then have fully recognised Arabic alphabets and will be able to build from reciting small sentences to longer sentences.

Advanced Level

Advanced Level shall be when a student will be reading the Arabic verses of the Qur’an fluently and will have finished Juzz 30 in intermediate level. The student will move onto larger portions of the Qur’an starting from Chapter Al-Baqarah.

The timings for this course vary depending on whether the student wants to study morning or evening.

Tuition fees:
The tuition fee for this course is £15 per session.

Session duration: 45 minutes (one to one)

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3 thoughts on “One to One Qur’an classes for kids and adults

  1. Allhamdullilah, I have improved my Arabic and recitation of the Quran very much with An-Nidaa Academy. I love the lessons I take and I am soon to have read the whole Quran

    -Ziaur Ziyam

  2. An-Nidaa Academy is a very professional online tutoring school. I like the fact that they are well organised. Before we were not fluent at reciting the Qur’an. After 3 months, we have improved very well and we have got tune with reciting.

    1. An-nidaa academy has helped me with my Islamic studies a lot. I have learnt about our prophet (P.B.U.H) and our beautiful religion. As well as this, the teacher is helpful and patient. And I have improved on my Arabic skills.

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