An-Nidaa Academy offers a six-year online Alimiyah course based on the Dars-e-Nizami curriculum, which covers modules such as the study of Arabic Language, Aqeedah, Fiqh, Usool, Tafsir and Hadeeth.

The Alimiyah course aspires to educate students in as many subjects possible. It focuses on the values and guidlines of Islamic Theology, which we aim to strengthen within the students. Many different subjects are taught in order to prepare the student well in diverse areas of Islamic teachings. Hence it paves a path for potential leaders who have intensive knowledge about their religion, beliefs and the way of life. The Alimiyah course is designed to mentor the learners of today who can assist the community to the best of their ability.

The timings for the Alim course vary depending on whether the student wants to study morning or evening.

Tuition fees:
The tuition fee for this course is £300 per semester.

Semester duration: 3 months

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Alimiyah course (one semester)