Arabic Language Course

Arabic is not the language of the Arabs only, but it is the language of all Muslims. Learning Arabic is very important for a Muslim. By learning it, one can understand the words of Allah, and the sayings of the beloved Messenger peace and blessings be upon Him.

Our Arabic language course aims to cover the classical Arabic, modern Arabic, Arabic grammar, reading, writing and speaking. The course will teach students from basic to intermediate to advanced levels, according to the student’s current skill level.

The timings for this course vary depending on whether the student wants to study morning or evening.

Our teachers are available to teach morning, afternoon and evening and students can contact their teachers to arrange a suitable timetable. Students are also able to arrange for one to one lessons with their teacher.

Tuition fees:
The tuition fee for this course is £15 per session, one to one

Session duration: 45 minutes

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