Reciting Basmalah when performing wudu in a bathroom wherein there is also a toilet


What is the ruling about saying Bismillah or duas when performing wudu in a combined bathroom and toilet?


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It is Makrooh (dislike) to mention Allah’s name or any duas inside the toilet.

Ibn Abedeen (may Allah have mercy on him) writes: “If one performed wudu in the toilet area due to an excuse, should he recite the basmalah and similar words from the supplications taking into account the sunan of wudu or leave them taking into consideration the place? That which is apparent is the second, because of the ulama explicitly placing prohibition before command.” (Radd ul Muhtar]

However, if one performs wudhu in a modern bathroom which is built for both (bathroom and toilet) then it would be permissible to say basmalah or any duas, e.g during wudu or ghusl; on condition that a person is not on toilet seat/area, the toilet area is clean from any filth and one is covered between navel and knees.

Allah knows best
Syed Hussain ibn Imamuddin
13 March 2019


في رد المحتار: ولو توضأ في الخلاء لعذر هل يأتي بالبسملة ونحوها من أدعيته مراعاة لسنة الوضوء أو يتركها مراعاة للمحل؟ والذي يظهر الثاني لتصريحهم بتقديم النهي على الأمر تأمل۔