Online Tajweed Course for Sisters

An-Nidaa academy is offering a tajweed course exclusively for women. It is an opportunity for sisters to learn tajweed from home and to learn how to recite the book of Allah Most High. Reciting the Holy Qur’an correctly is an obligation upon every Muslim and necessary for our prayers. The course will be split into 2 levels according to the student’s abilities.

Level 1
In level 1 student will learn Arabic and English vocabulary regarding tajweed. They will learn the seventeen makhaarij, basic madd rules and the rules in applying ghunna. The lessons will be split into theoretical and practical. In theoretical the student shall learn the details mentioned and student will be expected to remember the theory. In practical, the student will read in juzz ‘amma and will put their theory in practice.

Level 2
In level 2 student will be expected to know clearly which Makhraj each letter belongs to. They will learn the five groups of the makhaarij and they will learn the 10 permanent opposite Sifaat like Hams, Isti’laa, and Shiddah etc. and also the temporary Sifaat. This will be very useful to the recitation of Qur’an as it will make sure one can read with a mellifluous tone as one will be reading with clarity after learning these two levels of tajweed provided.

Tuition fees:
The tuition fee for this course is £15 per session (one to one)

Session duration: 45 minutes

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