Will the person who dies in Ramadhan directly go to Paradise without being questioned?


If a Muslim passed away in the month of Ramadhan, due to the gates of hell being closed, would his entrance be direct to Paradise?


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Firstly, “The gates of hell are closed in the month of Ramadhan” does not necessarily mean that anyone who passes away in Ramadhan will enter Paradise.

Hadith scholars have given various interpretations of this; closure of gates of hell fire. One interpretation is that, those fasting ones will enable to keep away from evil deeds which leads to hell fire. (Mirqat al mafatih)

Secondly, there is not any saheeh (authentic) or da’eef (weak in naration) hadith known which speaks exclusively about the virtue of death in Ramadhan, however there is a hadith in Musnad Ahmad which mentions the virtue for the ones who leave this world in the state of fasting, either in Ramadan or any other months.

Hudhayfah narrated, The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “Whoever says La Ilaaha illallaah, seeking the pleasure of Allah and happens to pass away in that state, he will enter paradise. Whoever fasts a day seeking the pleasure of Allah and happens to pass away in that state, he will enter paradise, Whoever gives charity seeking the pleasure of Allaah and that was his final action will enter Paradise.” (Musnad Ahmad-23324)

In the above hadith it does not say any specific virtue of entering Paradise without being questioned. There are many other hadiths where the Prophet (ﷺ) mentions about various deeds that if the believers perform such deeds, they will enter Paradise.

This means that a person who does righteous deeds and that this spesific deed, for example fasting was his final deed, then by the mercy of Allah he will enter Paradise (not simply for dying in Ramadhan).

Allah knows best
Hussain Syed ibn Imamuddin
22 Ramadhan 1441 / 15 May 2020

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